Change ONE Thing: Add weights to your workout

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Do you pump up to tone up? If weight training isn’t already part of your exercise routine, you should definitely consider adding it. Why?

Lifting weights makes your body leaner… firmer… stronger! FatFighterTV caught up with Cedric Bryant, Ph.D. – Chief Exercise Physiologist for the American Council on Exercise – to find out more about the benefits of weight training.

“It’s going to not only help the muscles to become stronger, it’s going to help the ligaments and connective tissue become stronger so you become less likely to injure yourself,” explains Bryant.

These benefits help you perform better. And because muscle takes up less space than fat, you look better.

“You’re going to look leaner, you’re going to fit in your clothing better even without experiencing significant amounts of weight loss which I think is the bottom line result that many people are looking for,” says Bryant.

You don’t have to go all out if this is something that’s new to you – just lifting weights for 20 minutes two days a week is a good start.

Bryant’s recommendation – find a weight that’s challenging but one you can lift eight to 12 times. Do six to eight different exercises that include your major muscle groups.

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