The Mental Factor

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Think of it as a mind-body approach to weight loss: to change your body, you must also learn to change your mindset. So, if you really want to lose that weight and keep it off, the first thing you need to do is find out what’s holding you back.

Exercise enthusiast, Kaaren Kardonsky, learned that lesson when she was in college. She tells FatFighterTV she had to make both physical and mental changes to lose the 20 pounds she had gained.

“I think you have to identify the problem before you can remedy the problem,” says Kardonsky. “I was still going to the gym in college, but I wasn’t fixing the overeating problem.”

Personal Trainer, Amy Palmquest, explains, “Mentally, you have to think about why you’re eating or else you will fall into those emotional behaviors and those habits.”

Once you commit to losing weight, expect some barriers along the way. Palmquest recommends focusing on small goals and planning ahead to give yourself a chance to succeed.

“Before you set foot in the gym or even before your whole week starts, have a workout planned out for yourself,” she suggests. “I’m going to go Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday – four times. And this day I’m going to do this, this day I’m going to do that.”

And as you exercise more, keep your mind in the game to keep challenging yourself.

Kardonsky is on to her next challenge – she’s training for a half marathon both physically and mentally.

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