Arnold Sports Festival – A Mega Dose of Muscles and Fitness


Arnold has left the building. Yes, the Arnold Sports Festival wrapped up Sunday here in Columbus, Ohio. Wow – what a turnout! The big event attracted more than 17,000 competitors and 150,000 fans over three days. And FatFighterTV got in on the action just in the nick of time – let’s just say I was running a little behind schedule…arnoldface.jpg
Named after its co-producer – California governor and former body builder, Arnold Schwarzenegger – the event is the nation’s largest multi-sports festival. It features everything from competitions in body building to championships in dance, archery, and table tennis. Plus there’s the Arnold Fitness Expo with 650 booths showing off the latest in fitness clothing, footwear, and supplements.


All in all, the perfect place for Les Dowdy and Melinda Files to get motivated about hitting the gym and get some healthy ideas for their future business.

“We’re both into health and fitness,” Dowdy tells FatFighterTV. “We want to open a juice bar.”

“It’s very inspirational,” says Files. “I can’t wait until next year.”


Speaking of inspirational… on our way out, we caught up with head-turning Fitness Model, Jamie Eason, in town for the festival from Houston. We will be featuring her in this blog soon, so stay tuned. Until then, you can check her out in DXL magazine and on ***Updated – Check out my interviews with Jamie:

Jamie Eason’s workouts

Jamie Eason’s diet


From what I saw in the little time I had at the Arnold Sports Festival, well – as Arnold would put it… I know next year “I’ll be back.”