Americans not following MyPyramid advice

The food guide pyramid may have gotten a new look a few years ago, but Americans are still not getting the message. Instead of following the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPyramid guidelines to eat a diet filled with nutrients, a new report finds Americans prefer foods high in solid fats and added sugar.

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute found we need to eat more fruits, vegetables and fat-free milk and much less solid fats and added sugar. For some reason, this doesn’t surprise me.

But I think this is really interesting – the study says we need to change the types of vegetables and grains we eat and include more dark-green and orange vegetables, beans and whole grains. Most of the vegetables (83 percent) Americans eat are in the starchy and other vegetables subgroup, like potatoes and tomatoes. And instead of getting the recommended half of our total grains from whole grains, we only get 10 percent.

The report also shows the most common high-calorie foods we eat and drink are sweetened carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, desserts like cakes, cookies, donuts and pies, non-skim dairy products and fatty meats.

The researchers say it might be better for food and nutrition experts to educate consumers about making the right choices within food groups instead of focusing on getting a certain number of servings from each group.

I sincerely hope that helps… but don’t people already know which foods are healthy and which ones are not? I think they do, but for whatever reason they just aren’t making the right choices. What do you think?