New food guide pyramid for preschoolers

“Eat right. Exercise. Have fun.” That’s the slogan from MyPyramid for Preschoolers – the new food guide pyramid the USDA released this week for children ages 2-5. (Hey, it kind of sounds like FatFighterTV’s slogan – Fitness. Food. Fun. – huh?)

I just checked it out and it’s full of pretty cool info and tools like the MyPyramid Plan – You just enter your children’s first name, age, gender, and how much they usually exercise and it gives you a customized plan for them – what and how much they should eat to meet their needs plus ideas to help you plan their meals.

MyPyramid for Preschoolers also includes sample meal and snack ideas, activities kids can do to help you in the kitchen (which could help get them to try new foods), and advice on how to handle picky eaters.

Anyone got any ideas they want to share on that last one?


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