5 ways to track how much water you drink

Do you have a hard time remembering how much water you drink a day? I know I do. Last month I asked you how you keep track of your H20 consumption. Here are some of your answers. Drink up everyone!

housewifeheather: One thing I was thinking about trying… is wearing 8-10 bracelets on one wrist. I read this and thought it a great idea!! After each cup of water just move a bracelet to the other side to keep track.

ladyjay: I have a great way to keep track, though it’s my friend Sue’s idea. She has eight beads strung on a string so that they can move up and down. Keep the string around your water bottle and move the beads as you drink your 8 oz. It’s a little hard to expain but it’s very cool and works well.

tobi1128: I don’t really have a “method” but I can tell how much water I am drinking by how many trips I make to the bathroom, haha. I also always try to have a water bottle by my side at all times of the day.

ska8rmom: I have a pad of post-it-notes by my desk and make the old fashioned little stick marks so I know how much I’ve drank. The post it notes works well because I stick it on my book when I go to lunch and when I go home!

girliefriend: I fill 4 liter bottles before bed each night, and try to finish them all the next day. I don’t refill again till the next night, so I always know where I am. When I used individual bottles, I just saved the bottles on the counter till I was done for the day.

Anyone else have any creative ways of keeping track?

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