Childhood obesity a priority, says Sebelius


Childhood obesity was front and center on Day 2 of the CDC’s conference on obesity prevention and control, The Weight of the Nation. HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, spoke at today’s meeting and said a national focus on childhood obesity is overdue.

“If there was an epidemic of little kids getting cancer, it would be a national crisis,” she said. “But because it’s obesity and the damage doesn’t come until later in life, we’ve been slow to act.”

To help reverse the obesity trend for children and adults, Sebelius says the government wants to help people eat healthy food by serving it in places like public schools, child care centers, recreation centers, senior centers, and other government buildings.

“This isn’t rocket science,” Sebelius explained. “People want to eat healthy diets, but they tend to eat whatever’s convenient and affordable.  If we want to reduce obesity, we need to make eating fruits and vegetables convenient and affordable for all Americans.”

There’s much more of what Sebelius had to say here.

What do you think? Do we need the government to help reverse the obesity epidemic, or should the government stay out of it?


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