20 creative ways to eat yogurt – from the fabulous FFTV community


I’ve really been enjoying my recent switch to Greek-style yogurt – it’s creamier, has more protein than regular yogurt, and doesn’t have any preservatives or artificial sweeteners. But I’m pretty boring – I usually just eat the fruit flavored ones right out of the cup, maybe with some granola on top. A couple of weeks ago, when I asked YOU how you like to eat your yogurt, you gave me lots of new ideas! Who knew there were so many delicious options?! Here are 20 creative ways to eat yogurt from the fabulous FatFighterTV community.
I love Greek yogurt, especially on top of cooled oatmeal, topped with lots of fresh fruit!

Janet F
I like to make dips out of the plain yogurt and serve it with meat, chicken and rice.

I love my Greek yogurt with a sprinkling of ground flax seeds, agave nectar, fresh blueberries and chopped raw walnuts. I am never hungry when I eat this!

I generally get plain yogurt and then spice things up with berries, nuts, granola, cinnamon and honey. I also love to add yogurt to spicy dishes and curries.

In the evening for a snack I put the yogurt in the freezer for about half an hour and eat like ice cream—but with much fewer calories.

Yum Yucky
I take my Chobani Greek yogurt mixed with Trader Joe’s Organic Granny Apple Granola. It’s divine.

I love oatmeal, but find it is too warm in the summer to enjoy a steaming bowl of oats in the morning. So instead, I make overnight oats with 1/2 c. each of oats, water, and greek yogurt. In the morning I add either fresh blueberries or a sliced banana and ground flax. yum!

I use greek yogurt in place of sour cream. I also like to add toppings to it like fruit and granola. My fav would have to be sliced bananas with chocolate chips….yum.

I dip veggies in yogurt so I don’t have to add fattening sauces or butter. It tastes so good.

I like to mix it with cottage cheese, fruit and slivered almonds – yummy!!

I love my yogurt on warmed crumpets (yes they make ‘em fat free & they rock) or in a crepe! Low fat, low cal & so delish!

Deborah R
I like to take Greek yogurt, put it in cheesecloth and drain as much liquid out as I can (which is how you make yogurt cheese). I then eat it by the (small) scoop as a dessert.

I like putting plain fat-free yogurt into smoothies. One of my favorite drinks to make is mango lassi. I just add mango, yogurt, some milk, and honey to it. It’s the best.

I love eating Chobani non fat yogurt with 2 tbsp of peanut butter or a serving of Kashi Go LEan cereal. Those are my favorite protein packed “after workout” treats!

barbara wright
I like to make smoothies with yogurt. I add whatever fruit is in season and enough orange juice so that the blender doesn’t struggle.

Kelly Ann T.
I like to freeze it and eat it like a popsicle. I insert a popsicle stick into it before I put it in the freezer.

I eat Greek yogurt with honey, add fresh blueberries, and add some Fiber One cereal.

I eat it on a bagel.
Sounds weird, tastes great!

My favorite way to have Greek style yogurt is with avocado, fresh pear and cherry tomatoes from my garden, a little sea salt, mix it all together and scoop it with tortillas or crackers. It’s the perfect protein rich lunch!

I like my yogurt somewhat frozen over fruit or a waffle


Yum! Eat up!

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