Weight Loss WooHoo! to Lori (Lost 105 pounds)

LoriNowMeet: Lori (Finding Radiance)

Age: 41

Occupation: Medical Transcriptionist

Where she lives: Upstate New York

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 145 pounds

Pounds Lost: 105 pounds

How long it took to lose the weight: About 4 years

How long she has kept it off: 1 year 3 months

This is one person who not only lost a lot of weight and kept it off for over a year, but along the way found out she could eat things and do things she had never imagined. Her blog, Finding Radiance, is a must read for inspiration, healthy recipes, and oh yes, The Great Veggie Experiment. I am so proud of your accomplishments, Lori! Here’s your Weight Loss WooHoo! – Just FatFighterTV’s fun way of celebrating healthy weight. 😉

How Lori gained the weight:
“I was pretty much overweight most of my childhood. And in college, it was very easy to gain weight. I would kind of lose some over the summer, and then I would gain more. I just liked to eat. My weight just kept creeping up and creeping up.

“When I got married 13 years ago, I’d hit 220 and I was very upset about that. I decided to get down to about 180, but I never really had a handle on what was the proper way of eating. It was always restrict calories or follow a program.”


Turning point:
“I hit 250 and that was a shocker for me. I thought, that’s halfway to 500 pounds. I don’t know why it was 2-5-0 that did it. I didn’t know what to do at that point. I knew it couldn’t continue, but I didn’t really know why I couldn’t lose weight and keep it off.”

How she shed the pounds:
“I was really trying to move towards getting rid of all the sugary stuff and the processed foods. I had started gradually weeding the sugar out of the diet, moving to whole grains, and trying to eat more vegetables, which is difficult when you’re not a veggie lover. I’m getting better. I’ve learned to like some vegetables that I never thought I would like. That’s been a big change for me because I do eat vegetables every day, whereas before, it would probably be once a week maybe, and it would be iceberg lettuce! Growing up, I ate broccoli and carrots and potatoes, and that was it.

“I started really paying attention to what I eat – making sure that my meals are balanced, that I’m getting good carbs, protein, and fat with all my meals and my snacks. That’s just been the last year and a half that I’ve been grinding it out – playing with food, making sure my meals are balanced, and trying new foods and cooking new recipes or trying to lighten up the other ones we’ve always liked to make them better, but still taste good. It’s very important for me that the food taste good because I like food.

“[For exercise,] I was doing a lot of things like Walk Away the Pounds tapes, biking, and The Firm. Then I stepped it up to the next level with real strength training. I loved it. I love feeling strong.”


Weekly workouts:
“I do strength training three times a week for about a half hour or so – three full-body workouts a week – and I run on the alternating days of that. I just started increasing my mileage. I used to run about 10 miles a week and now I’m averaging about 15. My big love is biking. My husband and I bike together, which is nice. Saturdays are usually our biking days where we try to plan to go somewhere further that’s maybe 20 or 30 miles away.”

Diet Philosophy:
“Eat good food and don’t feel guilty about it. The association of guilt with food causes a lot of problems. The thing is to make everything that you put in your mouth something that you want to eat. I decided no more guilt with food.”

Daily challenge:
“I have to be careful with portions. I like dark chocolate, but that’s one of those foods that I have trouble portioning. There are things like that that my husband has to keep out of reach for me because I work from home. That’s the big challenge because the fridge is 20 feet away all day long. He’ll put things really high up on top of the cupboards if I’m having trouble with it so I don’t snack on it, and that’s really helpful for me.”

Tips from Lori:
“I think writing down what you eat is very important, and everything, too. There are a lot of things that go by the wayside if you don’t record your food – let’s say when you grab two or three chips, but if you do that five or six times, it’s a whole serving and you haven’t counted it. It’s surprising when you really write down everything you eat.”

Favorite healthy recipe: Pumpkin Cranberry Oat Bars

Lori’s Weight Loss WooHoo!:
“I think it was when I did a triathlon this summer. It was something I never thought I would ever want to do, or let alone, be able to do. For whatever reason, to me, it was a big pinnacle moment. I had real difficulty at the end of the course because I was crying. I was trying to hold it together. I felt so emotionally overwhelmed. I thought, I can’t believe I’m doing this. Here I am at the end, I’ve lost 100 pounds, I’m doing a triathlon, I’m 40 – Who would have ever thought? There’s no way I would have ever thought I could do this. They were tears of joy. I was so moved by it. I can’t believe all my weight loss sort of culminated with the finishing of that. It was a big personal challenge.


What an emotional and awesome finish – congrats, Lori! I hear you have a duathlon coming up in October. Go Lori, go! 😉

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