Have you noticed how outbreaks linked to contaminated foods seem to be popping up more lately? Now, a new report lists the 10 riskiest foods regulated by the FDA. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) says these foods were linked to more than 1,500 separate outbreaks from 1990-2006 and made nearly 50,000 people sick:

  1. Leafy greens: 363 outbreaks
  2. Eggs: 352 outbreaks
  3. Tuna: 268 outbreaks
  4. Oysters: 132 outbreaks
  5. Potatoes: 108 outbreaks
  6. Cheese: 83 outbreaks
  7. Ice cream: 74 outbreaks
  8. Tomatoes: 31 outbreaks
  9. Sprouts: 31 outbreaks
  10. Berries: 25 outbreaks

I’m very careful with food, but it’s still scary to see several things I eat often on that list!

A bill now being considered in the Senate would help make our food safer – it includes having stricter standards for all food producers and would allow the FDA to inspect facilities considered high risk more frequently.

See the CSPI’s complete report here.

[Photo Credit: stock.xchng]