Top 5 ways to ruin a healthy salad

Mmmm… salads! They are one of my favorite meals, especially in the Spring and Summer. Even this costly incident with the olive pit can’t keep me away… but I must admit, I am now terrified of olives. Besides the olive pit nightmare, what are the top five ways to ruin a healthy salad? Salad experts from Tossed share their list.

1. Only iceberg lettuce
Did you know iceberg lettuce has almost no nutritional value? You’ll have a better-for-you salad if you use baby field greens, romaine hearts, and spinach.

2. Lots of croutons and bacon bits
Bacon bits and croutons may give your salad some flavor and crunch, but piling them on adds calories and no nutritional value. Tossed suggests using walnuts or smoked turkey instead.

3. Extra cheese
Cheese is a great source of calcium and protein, but doubling the amount you put on a salad can quickly turn it into an unhealthy one.

4. Fried protein
Simply put, stay away from the stuff! Choose grilled or broiled chicken or even tofu. Not only will you cut down on calories, you will also slash the sodium and saturated fat.

5. Drench it with dressing
Tossed says many people worry more about the ingredients in the salad than the amount of dressing in it. Even if they are low in calories, if you triple the amount of dressing you add to a salad, you can be adding lots of calories and sodium without realizing it.

Are you guilty of any of these habits?

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