10 healthy food court eats

My go-to mall snack used to be a Whole Wheat pretzel from Auntie Anne’s… until I found out it has 350 calories without the butter. Ouch! I’d rather spend those calories on lunch. But there are some healthy options at the food court. Check out Health magazine’s top 10 picks:

1. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro’s Asian grilled salmon with brown rice, with asparagus, half an entree, 6 ounces: 230 calories.

2. California Pizza Kitchen’s Moroccan chicken salad, half salad: 412 calories.

3. Starbucks’ chicken on flatbread with hummus artisan snack plate: 250 calories.

4. Uno Chicago Grill’s roasted eggplant, spinach and feta multigrain pizza, one-third of a 10½-inch pizza: 290 calories.

5. Au Bon Pain’s Mayan chicken harvest rice bowl with brown rice: 510 calories.

6. Panda Express’ broccoli beef with white rice, 5.4 ounces broccoli/beef and one-half serving white rice: 340 calories.

7. Subway’s 6-inch veggie delight with Swiss cheese on 9-grain wheat bread with one tablespoon light mayo: 330 calories.

8. Panera Bread’s Asian sesame chicken salad: 400 calories.

9. McDonald’s snack-size fruit and walnut salad (no dressing): 210 calories.

10. TCBY’s soft-serve chocolate frozen yogurt, half cup: 110 calories.

Anyone got some others to add? Happy mall eating!

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