How to lose those lingering 5-10 pounds

We feature a lot of weight loss success stories about people who have dropped 50, 100… even 200 pounds. (WooHoo!) But a few of you have told me about your struggles with just an extra 5-10 pounds that won’t budge even though you exercise and eat a healthy diet. It’s frustrating when the extra weight hangs on, even when it’s a relatively small amount. So how do you get rid of it? FatFighterTV asked the American Council on Exercise (ACE) for some answers.

The toughest part is that everyone is different. And there can be many different variables, so one solution may not apply to everyone. But in general, here’s some advice from Pete McCall, exercise physiologist and spokesperson for ACE:

FFTV: What suggestions would you have for people struggling to lose 5-10 pounds?

McCall: Look at what you’ve been doing and for how long. If the same exercise routine has been used for 12-16 weeks or more (about the amount of time for the body to adapt to the intensity of the workouts) it is necessary to change the program to change the intensity which would cause the body to work differently, helping to burn more calories.

For example, if lifting weights, it is necessary to use a heavier weight that causes the muscle to fatigue in 5-8 repetitions – that will burn more calories. If running, it would be necessary to change the pace or the route to do more distance, or start doing interval training which alternates between higher intensity work intervals and lower intensity periods of active recovery.

FFTV: Why can it be so hard to lose just 5-10 pounds?

McCall: Again, there are so many variables that this can be difficult to answer. Sometimes, getting extra sleep can help drop weight (the body produces anabolic hormones which help muscle growth during sleep), or eating the right amount of food – a calorie restriction diet can actually help promote weight gain; or changing the intensity of exercise – sometimes training too hard causes the body to store extra carbohydrates in the muscle which could lead to weight gain.


Our thanks again to Pete McCall. Hopefully, some of his suggestions can help you get rid of that extra weight.


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