You asked. Fitness model, Jamie Eason answered.

It’s been three years since I first interviewed fitness model, Jamie Eason, about her diet. And I STILL get emails and comments criticizing what she said in that post.

In that interview, Jamie talks about clean eating and her go-to foods. She also shares her typical grocery list which includes Splenda, and mentions that she avoids some fruits. Well, Jamie caught some flack for that so I thought it was only fair to have her respond.

FatFighterTV: After reading about your diet, some people argue that how you’re eating is not healthy.

Jamie Eason: It’s valid. When they challenge me, it actually gives me an opportunity to explain that what we’re doing is to an excessive or extreme level because we’re trying to achieve a specific look. There’s a difference between eating to be healthy and eating to be lean.

Question from a FFTV reader: Why do you say to avoid chemicals and artificial foods, but you yourself use Splenda?

JE: Splenda, unfortunately, is one of the only options out there that doesn’t add carbs. Truthfully, we watch every single thing that we put in our mouth and I just can’t eat all the natural sweeteners when I’m trying to get lean. A packet of Truvia or xylitol, which is what I typically use when I’m not trying to lean out, is three carbs for one little packet. So you put that in a recipe in cup sizes and you’re adding a considerable amount of carbs to something that’s already got a high amount of carbs.

Comment from a FFTV reader: Anyone who says to avoid eating certain kinds of fruit always raise some questions in my eyes…

JE: Fruit’s amazing for you but it’ll spike your blood sugar even though its fructose and natural sugar. If your goal is just to be the same shape you were before and just a smaller version of yourself, by all means eat fruit – it’s a great low calorie snack. But if your goal is to actually become lean and toned, you cannot eat fruit all day long, so you want to choose fruits that are a little bit lower glycemic so that they don’t spike your blood sugar. People in our industry know… for what we want to achieve, which is looking lean and fit, we can’t eat it. That’s why I avoid it and I usually only eat it for breakfast or right after I workout when I can use the blood sugar spike.

–>Hopefully, that clears things up for everyone! While I had her, I also asked Jamie a common question I get about eating and exercise…

FFTV: Why can’t you just eat what you want and then workout to burn off the extra calories?

JE: One of the biggest myths I hate because I hear it all the time and I cringe every time is – all it is is calories in versus calories out – there could be nothing further from the truth. If that were the case, I could eat two pieces of cheesecake for my food for the day and because I exercise and stay under my calorie requirements, suddenly I’m in shape. That’s not the case at all. Macronutrients – the proteins, the carbs, the healthy fats – those things matter. The type of food you’re eating matters. There are certain things that you need and when we eat all this junk, it’s like putting bad gas in a car – it’s going to run, but over time you’re just breaking down your body. You’re wearing it out.

–>You don’t want to do that, do you? Read more from Jamie on her Facebook page!


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