Ouch! Toning shoes could land you in the ER

Watch your step! A new report finds toning shoes are sending more people to the doctor’s office or even the ER.
Research from Consumer Reports finds complaints to the Consumer Product Safety Commission about injuries from toning shoes have been popping up – 36 in the past two months alone. Most of the problems are minor – things like tendinitis and foot, leg, and hip pain. But there were also 15 reports of broken bones, some requiring surgery.

Medical experts say because toning shoes have rocker-style bottoms designed to cause instability (to engage muscles not normally used while walking) that might also lead to turned ankles, bad falls, and other injuries if you are not extra careful.

It just doesn’t seem worth the risk, especially since tests done last year by the American Council on Exercise found “there is simply no evidence to support the claims that these shoes will help wearers exercise more intensely, burn more calories, or improve muscle strength and tone.”

I admit, I have one pair of toning shoes that I wear once in awhile when I go on walks. But after seeing this report and knowing I’m a total klutz anyway, I think I’m stepping away from them for good.

Photo Credit: Consumer Reports


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