Fruit and veggie recommendations change from servings to cups

It was always about the servings. Whether it was the ubiquitous 5 a Day message or the old Food Guide Pyramid, servings were what we always heard about when it came to the amount of fruits and vegetables (and other foods) we should eat a day. But that has all changed.

It’s now all about cups. Why? The government says it is easier for us to relate to amounts in household measurements rather than in servings. I tend to agree. The whole servings thing could get confusing, which is one reason for the USDA’s new MyPlate.

So how many cups of fruits and vegetables do you need a day? That depends on how many calories you need. Here are some charts from that will give you a general idea.




If you want more specific details about your fruit and vegetable recommendations, enter your info here and the interactive chart will do the math for you. Now go get to eating all those cups of fruits and veggies!


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