How to add strength training to your workouts

You know that hip bursitis thing I told you I had? It turns out all the strength training I’ve been doing in my physical therapy has helped immensely! I’m not 100% yet, but I’m getting close. And it has really made me realize the benefits of strong muscles.

Yes, it’s awesome to tone up, but also – when your muscles are strong, you’re less likely to injure yourself like I did. I used to strength train regularly but have gotten away from it the past few years. Lesson learned. I want to be strong again!

And I want you to be strong, too! So if weight training isn’t already part of your exercise routine, you should definitely consider adding it. Watch this video I did with Cedric Bryant, Ph.D. – Chief Exercise Physiologist for the American Council on Exercise – to find out more about the benefits.

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