How to kick anti-workout excuses to the curb

Around this time of year, I have a hard time doing much of anything, exercise included. When the days are shorter and colder, my list of excuses gets longer and my motivation hits rock bottom. But I’m working on it. Some excuse-busters I just saw might help. They are all about the response counter.

Basically, every time you have a negative thought about working out (or anything else, really), train yourself to create a response counter to get past it. Here are some examples from Michael R. Mantell, Ph.D. for the American Council on Exercise:

Negative thought: “I can’t make it to the gym today; I just don’t feel like it.”
Response counter: “I know once I get to the gym, I’ll feel better. I can do it!”

Negative thought: “I’m bored by the same old routines.”
Response counter: “I can find a way to avoid boredom by changing up my routine — why not try Zumba, Gravity training, or Pilates?”

Negative thought: “It’s too cool or windy.”
Response counter: “I can workout indoors today.”

Negative thought: “I can’t run that far, lift that much weight.”
Response counter: “I can’t lift that much weight yet (or run that long yet), but I can do this level instead and work up to that level.”

Any other response counters you’d like to add?

Just in case you need them – more ways to motivate yourself to exercise here.


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