Joan’s journey continues: 100 pounds gone!

Remember Joan? She was featured as a Weight Loss WooHoo! in August.

Back then, she had dropped 90 pounds and we all rooted for her as she got healthier and took back her life. Now, more accolades to her!

Late last month, Joan went into triple digit weight loss and is now 100 pounds lighter – WooHoo! I asked her if she had any challenges lately and her answer made me smile:

“Challenges? Not really, but if you call not fitting into fall/winter clothes you used to wear, and needed money to buy a whole new wardrobe and NOT having any to buy them with, then that’s a challenge. Mind you, I LOVE that dilemma… And I’m finding that I am REALLY cold, which is something that I never noticed before. But again, I am NOT complaining.”

Not only is Joan continuing to lose weight and get healthier, she is also inspiring and helping others to do the same with her new THINspiration weight loss support group. Gooooo Joan!


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