Weight Loss WooHoo! to Sheri (lost 60 pounds)

Name: Sheri
(Motivation For Health and Fitness)

Age: 43

Occupation: Programmer

Where she lives: Ohio

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 185 pounds

Pounds Lost: 60

How long it took to lose the weight: 6 months

How long she has kept it off: Kept off 50 pounds for 2-1/2 years

Sheri went from being in so much pain that she was frequently in a wheel chair and on crutches to being a runner! She says healthy eating and fitness saved her life. A well-deserved Weight Loss WooHoo! – just FatFighterTV’s fun way of celebrating healthy weight. 😉

Turning point:
Peripheral neuropathy from diabetes.

How Sheri shed the pounds:
Nutrisystem helped me in so many ways. It taught me portion control, that low glycemic foods were the way to go, and it taught me accountability toward myself. I owe a lot to them, but I did it; no one else. It was easy to prepare the food and that was the thing for me. I didn’t want to cook and prepare food, so it worked for me.

I went to the gym 5 days a week. I rode the indoor bike at first because that is all I could do.

Tips from Sheri:
You have to want to do it for you and no one else! Do it to live life to its fullest before getting sick and wishing you could go back in time.

Sheri’s Weight Loss WooHoo!
Diabetes is under control, neuropathy in my feet has decreased and much healthier! Less sick time from work, able to now run a 5K instead of barely able to walk for 5 minutes. Truly a blessing and a WOOHOO moment!


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