Going Greek – Why yogurt sales are soaring

Apparently, I’m not the only one in love with Greek yogurt. A new report shows the yummy dairy product is raking in $1 billion a year out of $4.1 billion in total yogurt sales. Greek yogurt is creamier than regular yogurt, higher in protein, and lower in fat. And there are so many ways to eat it. Here are 10 to try.

  • On oatmeal with fresh fruit on top.
  • In spicy dishes and curries to help cool them down.
  • Freeze Greek yogurt for about half an hour and eat it like ice cream… or as a popsicle.
  • Put it in a cheesecloth and drain as much liquid out to make yogurt cheese.
  • Use it instead of sour cream on baked potatoes, etc.
  • With your favorite toppings – mine are sliced raw almonds and honey.
  • Straight up!

The report I mentioned earlier says Greek yogurt makers, Chobani and Fage are both expanding their plants to keep up with all the demand. I say, keep it coming please!


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