Twitter for weight loss – all the cool kids are doing it

This politician lost 50 pounds on Twitter. This writer Tweeted away 75. And fellow blogger, Rebecca Regnier whittled off 20 pounds using the social network… then wrote the first book explaining how to do it – Your Twitter Diet.



From showing newbies the ins and outs of Twitter to sharing how to find your weight loss support network there, Rebecca walks you through it all step by step… and keeps you laughing along the way:

Using Twitter as my personal support system, I am finally getting into smaller sizes. I’ve lost twenty pounds (and counting). That’s like a whole toddler!

So, what makes Twitter so great for weight loss anyway? Apparently, it’s all about support, support, support. I’ll let Rebecca explain…

FatFighterTV: How is Twitter any different as an online support group for weight loss than all the others out there?

Rebecca Regnier: It’s speedy, available 24 hours a day, accessible on your phone when you’re IN a tempting situation. And it can work with those other support groups out there. In fact, MOST of those groups are tapping into the power of Twitter to connect their members. People are making real life-changing connections with social media and this is the first book that shows you how to support your healthy lifestyle choices with social media.

FFTV: Do you have to eat certain foods to be on this new Twitter diet thing?

RR: No. The book teaches you how to build a network of people dieting the way you’ve chosen to diet. If you find that clean eating is the best plan for you, you need to connect with those resources and people living that same lifestyle. If you really have to avoid the carbohydrates to maintain control, you NEED to find others who are doing the same so you can keep the variety in your recipes! If you’re counting points via Weight Watchers, it’s like having a meeting at your fingertips in between your meetings.

FFTV: How much support do you really need, anyway?

RR: I find that a once a week support group is not enough for me. I need help several times a DAY! Your Twitter Diet gives you the tools to build  your team. You’re going to head to the vending machine and your support group isn’t there with you, you’re going to be up at 2 a.m. foraging in the fridge, tweet it before you eat it. I wouldn’t advise showing up at a meeting at that time of day. This is where Your Twitter Diet comes in, when you need support it’s there, you don’t have to wait.

FFTV: Is this one of them quickie diets?

RR: No. Is there a quickie diet? If you’re going to achieve health, you have to do it for a lifetime, one day at a time, one pound at a time. In this case, one tweet at a time! If a quick diet worked, I’d be on it. We’re friends, you’d tell me right, if there was a quickie diet that worked?

FFTV: Can you burn calories on Twitter?

RR: Yes. It’s like 50 calories a tweet. If one hand’s tweeting and the other hand’s holding a Shake Weight while you’re encased in Forever Lazy Pajamas up that to 100 calories a tweet.

FFTV: What if I’ve never heard of Twitter?

RR: You need to get out more. That will also be good for your waistline.


Your Twitter Diet is available in all e-book formats for just $3.99! So, what are you waiting for? 😉


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