FatFighterTV on Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate

Road trip today! Destination: Toledo to meet up with my blogger buddy/fellow TV news comrade, Rebecca Regnier from Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat? Rebecca has her own TV show now on WTVG, the ABC station in Toledo, and asked me to be a guest to chat up FatFighterTV. I happily obliged.

Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate is a weekly cooking, diet and fitness talk show that is of course funny because that’s just how Rebecca rolls.

We laughed and talked about the latest in diet and fitness. And we showed some videos from my new series, What’s In Your Food? which you must watch if you haven’t already because well… you really should know about all the crap that’s in your food. Seriously.

Here are a few highlights from the day:

Me with Rebecca Regnier (center) and Brittany Gibbons (Barefoot Foodie) who was also on the show today.

The fabulous camera crew.

WTVG’s building – I’ve been to a lot of TV stations, but never one with architecture like this. Gorgeous!

My Almond Butter Greek Yogurt Bowl – we whipped this up at the end.

I had so much fun today – thanks, Rebecca!

The show airs Saturday, April 28 in Toledo and will also be available online, so I will post a link for you guys when it’s up.


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