Joan’s journey: from morbidly obese to Zumba instructor!

Doesn’t she look, fantastic? Fit and confident is what I see when I look at this picture of Joan Minnery. But about two years ago, her health was in danger and her self-esteem was at an all time low. Now she’s lost 150 pounds in 19 months and gained control of her life.

FatFighterTV featured Joan here as a Weight Loss WooHoo! then again here when she was down 100 pounds. Today she’s back with a quick update.

FatFighterTV: What have you been doing to lose weight since I last featured you in October?

Joan Minnery: Kept on the same healthy eating routines, but Iā€™m now doing MUCH MORE walking, up to 10km EVERY day, sometimes 15. I will continue to tone, re-sculpture my body and firm it up with weights and continued exercise. Basically UPPED my physical fitness.

FFTV: Any new Weight Loss WooHoos!?

JM: I am now a Certified Zumba Instructor and teach 5 classes per week and take another 5 classes from my Mentor and also do Zumba Toning with Weights. I have become a Motivational Speaker and I am touring across Ontario with my THINspiration Weight Loss Support Network and working on my book, “Walking My Way Back To Me.” I have my own website at:


Lots to celebrate! And on Joan’s website, I found these powerful words:

“While I am winning my quest to change my lifestyle one pound at a time; my journey will never be over. It is a lifetime commitment to Health and Wellness. I’m going to win this battle. ”

Joan — I am so proud of you and so happy you’ve shared your journey with us all. You are truly an inspiration to many!


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