What you might miss if you text and walk

Does anyone look up anymore? It seems we are all strolling along going about our business looking down… most likely texting or phone surfing. I’m guilty of it too. But I’m trying really hard to break the habit because I started thinking of all the things I could miss if I’m looking down all the time.

I have tripped a time or two texting and walking along a sidewalk like this one…

Came oh-so-close to stepping in something gross a few times…

And nearly missed this beauty!

So I’ve decided to put the phone down when I’m out and about and instead pay attention to my surroundings. I’ve started using the time to be present, breathe, and try to ward off some stress. I just hope all the other folks walking and texting don’t run into me.

Do you text/phone surf when you walk?


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