150 Pounds Gone Forever

I first introduced you to Diane Carbonell here as one of FatFighterTV’s amazing Weight Loss WooHoos. She continues to impress me with her 150 pound weight loss that she has kept off for 14 years. Now she wants to empower others with her new book, 150 Pounds Gone Forever: How I Lost Half My Size and You Can Too. I love this book because Diane not only shares her personal struggles and accomplishments, she also encourages your interaction and self-introspection – something so valuable and potentially life changing. More about the book from my interview with Diane.

FatFighterTV: Do you believe anyone can achieve weight loss success?

Diane Carbonell: That’s a hard question because I’ve known so many people who really want to lose weight but seem unable to. I believe that everyone is capable of losing weight unless they have a medical condition that precludes weight loss. This weight loss battle is winnable, but it is not an easy victory.

FFTV: You mention (in the book) how important a role the mind plays in weight loss – how does someone change their way of thinking?

DC: That varies from person to person. Learning what triggers your tendency to overeat is the first step for many people. Personally, I was (and still am) an emotional eater. I had to learn to deal with the emotions separately from food. For other people, it may not be emotional eating but mainly unhealthy habits that negatively influence their weight.

FFTV: Why is it important for people to take responsibility for how they deal with food and exercise? Will that really make a difference in losing weight?

DC: Until we come to the place where we can acknowledge that we alone are the ones who control our food intake and decide whether or not we will exercise, it will be very difficult to have success at losing or maintaining weight. Personal responsibility is not easy, but once you can say to yourself, “Yes, I am responsible for my choices,” you will often be able to take concrete steps to make a positive change. I do believe this acknowledgement does make a difference in losing weight because we can now be the solution to our own issues with food rather than just blaming outside influences for our weight.

FFTV: You include “Your Turn” sections for people to fill out as they read along – how do you think these will help?

DC: My hope was that by including some questions for self-introspection the reader will be able to move from just reading to interacting. I based the questions on the weight loss class I teach.

FFTV: What do you hope people will learn from reading your book?

DC: My wish is that reading my book will be a catalyst for positive change. I wanted people to know that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, exercise for hours at a time, or eat strange foods in order to lose weight. I wanted everyone to feel empowered to make simple changes that can change their lives forever.


I truly believe this book is empowering for anyone who is trying to lose weight. And if you’re looking for more weight loss inspiration, stop by Diane’s blog Fit to the Finish. She’s the real deal. 🙂


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