How motherhood has changed Jillian Michaels’ workouts

As hardcore as you’ve seen Jillian Michaels, motherhood may be revealing a softer side. Since recently becoming a mother of two, Michaels has had to tweak her lifestyle and her workouts. In the September issue of SHAPE magazine, she shares how she’s finding the perfect balance between working out, eating healthy, and being a mom. Here’s a sneak peak:

On finding the middle ground: I negotiate with myself. I still workout four times a week, but it’s not as intense. I make time for things that help rejuvenate my spirit and replenish my energy.

On mastering multitasking: To save time and fit in exercise, I’ve learned to do several things at once. Sometimes you’ve got to make your work and workouts coexist.

On getting everyone in on the action: Being active as a family is the best way to inspire your children to have a healthy lifestyle and sneak in some exercise.

On injecting energy into every day: You burn one and a half times the calories when you’re on your feet than when you’re sitting down, which means you could burn up to 300 more calories a day. Don’t discount the value of housework to raise your heart rate.

On being a smart grocery shopper: My pantry is filled with staples that don’t require a lot of cooking time. Also, it’s not a matter of cutting foods from your diet but about making better choices.

Hard to believe her workouts are “not as intense,” right? 🙂 More tips from Jillian Michaels in the September issue of SHAPE.

[Reprinted with permission]


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