Healthy holiday shopping grab-n-go snacks

It’s not a good idea to shop until you drop… of hunger. Instead, stay energized and avoid all the calorie and fat laden mall choices with these healthy snacks. Just toss ’em in your bag and quickly refuel so you don’t miss a single sale. Happy Holiday Shopping!


Simple Squares
Like the name says, these snack bars are simple;  made from just five ingredients: nuts, honey, vanilla, and hints of sea salt and herbs. No wheat, gluten, dairy or soy. My favorite is the coconut flavor. They also come in cinnamon-clove, rosemary, and sage. Perfect little snack.


thinkThin High Protein Bars
Like the Simple Squares, these are also gluten and dairy free. Each bar has a whopping 20 grams of protein to stave off hunger. Creamy Peanut Butter is my fave – it’s dipped in milk chocolate to handle that sweet tooth.




Planters NUT-rition Energy Mix Snack Packs
The perfect blend of sweet and salty. Each pack has savory almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, dark chocolate-covered soy nuts, and whole-wheat pretzels. Munch and crunch before you stroll into the next store.



Another one of my favorites – something I almost always have in my purse – a small container of raw almonds with a few dark chocolate chips mixed in. This always curbs my hunger and gives me my chocolate fix when I hit the mall, work,  gym… or wherever I may be heading.


Disclosure: I received complimentary samples of some of these products. Others, I found on my own. ;) Some affiliate links included.

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