Photo Credit: Discovery Channel

How Nik Wallenda’s tightrope walk is like living a healthy lifestyle

Photo Credit: Discovery Channel

Photo Credit: Discovery Channel

Nik Wallenda’s unbelievable tightrope walk over the Little Colorado River Gorge was a nail-biter. But the Florida daredevil safely made his way across a quarter mile of 2-inch thick cable. When you think about it, Wallenda used many of the same strategies that work well for reaching our diet and fitness goals.

And his journey gives us a few good reminders as we continue to walk that tightrope of living a healthy lifestyle:

  • Slow and steady is the way to go – Small steps will get you farther than any quick fix diet any day.
  • The path gets wobbly sometimes – It’s not always going to be smooth sailing but if you hang on, you will make it.
  • Keep your balance – If you slip up and get off-kilter (maybe by missing a workout or eating a little junky), quickly get back on track so you don’t crash and burn.
  • Remain focused – Never lose sight of your goal. You will get there.

Best of all – you can make all this happen without EVER having to be 1,500 feet in the air on a tiny cable without a safety net or harness.


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