How to keep your head from spinning out of control through life’s whirlwinds


I just missed an August 30 deadline because I seriously thought we had another week of August left. Life has been a bit hectic the past couple of months and I clearly lost track of time. Moving boxes still surround me. My head is spinning out of control. But I’ve figured out how to keep it semi-firmly on my shoulders.

It’s all about taking little time-outs in the midst of life’s inevitable whirlwinds. It’s about finding a way to stop during the non-stop flurry we all have from time to time. Here’s how my latest chaos went down and how I made the time-outs happen – the abridged version:

My husband, Paul, graduated from law school in May. We closed on a house the same weekend. I do not recommend this.


I packed and packed while he studied for the bar exam. Look what all that packing did to my nails! Anyone who knows me knows I have a lil obsession with my nails looking good. We all have standards about something seemingly small, right?


Time out: I spent a fun and relaxing evening with friends painting a pineapple at a Wine Your Art Out event.


Then it was back to packing… and painting our new basement so it would not look so basementy.

We moved in just two days after Paul took the bar…


We barely started unpacking only to pack again and head to Portland,OR four days later for Paul’s sister’s wedding.




Time out: Enjoying the moment of the wedding and our beautiful surroundings.

It was a quick trip, and the seemingly endless unpacking and organizing still goes on and on and on…


Time out: Smiling at the little moments that happen as you settle into a new home, like Chancey finding yet another quiet corner to take a nap – this time in an empty cupboard.


My next time out can’t come soon enough. Good thing my nail polish collection had priority unpacking status.


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