#IChooseBeauty winter challenge – 30 days down!


I’m now 30 days into my #IChooseBeauty winter challenge and I can’t believe I’m saying this: Winter doesn’t seem quite as bad as it has in the past. Yes, I still despise the cold weather and I will continue to grumble about it, but since I can’t change it, it’s been empowering to know that I can at least change my attitude towards it.


Taking a picture every day has really helped me to shift my focus from the dreary days. I still notice them and still long for summer, but it’s more like I acknowledge them, then quickly move on to the task at hand – looking for what will be my #IChooseBeauty picture of the day. It’s actually been kind of fun, almost like a treasure hunt. You can see the wide range of beauty I’ve found in the pictures above – everything from my sleeping niece to holiday lights to hot chocolate. They have all touched me in some way and eased my struggle with depression that day.

I’ve also enjoyed seeing other people’s #IChooseBeauty pictures too – they always make me smile! You can see them all here on Instagram and read the captions for them, too. And join in if you want. Together, I think we can all get through winter a little stronger… and a lot less grumpy.

We’ll see how the next 30 days go…


  1. Dr. J December 26, 2013