(I was just a tad younger in this picture!) Before I started reporting on diet, fitness, and the obesity epidemic here at FatFighterTV, I worked as a TV News Health Reporter for stations across the country.

Since 1994, I have interviewed hundreds of doctors and patients in many cities and have had my stories air on local TV stations across the country, as well as on CNN.

I’ve always been interested in knowing the very latest about health and fitness, and feel very fortunate that I get to report about my passion in my career.

We in the media – whether traditional or new – have the power to reach people. My mission has always been to use that power to help people – to let you know the latest medical news… to show you ways to live a healthier life…

And to do it using my years of experience as a health journalist. When you come here, know that you will always get accurate information about diet, fitness, and the obesity epidemic.

And know that you can also have fun! I believe you have to enjoy what you eat and how you exercise to stick with it. That’s why my motto here at FatFighterTV is Fitness. Food. Fun. Because enjoying the journey is half the battle.

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