Weight Loss WooHoos! Wall of Fame

Weight Loss

Weight Loss WooHoos! Wall of Fame

Check out these inspiring weight loss success stories! They worked hard to shed those pounds, so FatFighterTV awarded them with a Weight Loss WooHoo! – just our fun way of celebrating healthy weight


Robert: lost 82 pounds

Leah: lost 170 pounds


Dawn: lost 203 pounds

Tammy: lost 50 pounds

Jill: lost 100 pounds

Diane: lost 158 pounds

Lynn: lost 170 pounds

Lori: lost 105 pounds

Tony: lost 212 pounds

Cammy: lost 100 pounds


Esther: lost 70 pounds


Roni: lost 70 pounds


Jennette: lost 200 pounds


Kim: lost 212 pounds


Mark: lost 55 pounds


Shauna: lost 175 pounds


The Biggest Loser’s Ali Vincent: lost 112 pounds


Susan and Jay: So far, Susan has lost 54.5 pounds; Jay has lost 47


Kath: lost 30 pounds


Heidi: lost 35 pounds


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