Eating 5 fruits a day is actually important

Eating 5 fruits a day is actually important

We are all aware of how important people SAY it is to have our 5 fruits a day, but many studies have proven that very few people in the west are ACTUALLY having them.

Do you want a bit of motivation so you can have more of the benefits of those healthy fruits and vegetables? In this short article, we’ll go into some of the major reasons why eating 5 fruits a day is actually important.

How 5 fruits a day is good for your health

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It’s a famous saying, and for good reason: It works. If you eat your 5 a day, you will be less likely to have cancer, as well as many other illnesses that come as a result of poor nutrition.

A stronger heart, being less prone to cancer, and keeping your weight at a healthy level, are a few of the many upsides to having 5 fruits a day. As well as guarding us against different cancers, many fruits and vegetables have melanin in them, which toughens our skin in its battle against the sun. And you’ve probably heard or seen that if people eat too many carrots, their skin turns slightly yellow or orange. This is because foods with carotenoids help our skin gain strength, elasticity, and color. So not only do we get good health benefits from 5 a day; our appearance can also be enhanced!

5 a day ups your mood

Studies have proven that if you only add one more serving of fruits and/or veggies a day, it can improve your mood just as much as going for a ten-minute walk each day. We know there are a lot of vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables, and if you don’t get enough of them, you may be prone to having bouts of depression, because of vitamin deficiency.

5 a day can keep obesity away

Even though they’re low on calories, fruits and veggies contain enough fibre to help you stay satisfied for longer than you would be with junk food or sugary food. Some research has even shown that there might be a special substance in fruits and veggies which can prevent obesity because of the way they interact with the fat we have in our bodies.

5 a day can improve your gut health

Countless numbers of fruits and veggies contain the kind of fibre which will keep your gut healthy and give you fewer issues with your digestion than you would otherwise have. Inside your gut, there is a unique kind of microbiome that thrives on a large variety of different foods – especially fruits and veggies! – and studies have proven that when people’s immune systems improve as the result of eating well, they are simply happier and more vibrant beings.

5 fruits a day will make you more energetic

Despite having relatively few calories, fruits are very simple to bring, and contain a lot of carbs. Most people these days treat carbs as they would treat the devil, but they are actually your friend if you want to have more energy. The simple science that carbs burn faster than fat, just like gasoline burns faster and with more power than coal, you will have more energy if you take in more carbs in your day. If we can move beyond the idea that carbs are the enemy, we will be able to enjoy a more consistently positive level of blood sugar, which in turn improves our mood, our energy, and our overall well-being.

What will be your 5 a day?

After learning about all of these great reasons for why eating 5 fruits a day is actually important, we need to move into the final and most important step: What will be your 5 a day? What are the 5 fruits and/or veggies that you enjoy the most? Bananas, apples, mangoes, pears, peaches, melon, watermelon? Carrots, peas, sauerkraut, sweet potatoes, corn, cucumber? Whatever they are, write them down on your shopping list now and resolve to at least try to eat your 5 a day for the next couple of days. If your company supports it, in Norway one of the most common fruit delivery services like Fruktkurv Oslo is a very easy way for you to get your fruits in when your at work. You might be surprised at how good you’ll feel.


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